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Big Discount!!! (From May to August)

It's cheap time to rent!

To cheer you up in the current state, we give you the best deal and discount on renting a property!

As the initial expense, we usually requre the contract fee(¥50,000), fire insurance fee(¥7,000-) and prorated rent.

For limited time only, we offer 70-80% discount of contract fee. (70% for an apartment / 80% for a shared house)

For example, if you rent an apartment, the initial expense to rent is the contract fee(¥15,000) + fire insurance fee (¥7,000) + prorated rent(depends on which date you move in).

To let you live in Japan easily, we make a contract with a gas, electricity and fire insurance company. We willingly explain the facility, garbage thing, recommended place around your apartment when you move in. We are happy to take care of you during your stay in Japan!

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any questions! 

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